Member Update January 13th 2021

Hello to you all and a happy new year.

I hope you all found time for family, fun and some rest during the Christmas holidays.

First, I would like to introduce myself to you as Sabrina Ilett. I am currently vice chair of the Waimak United Football Club Board. My son is a player and I have assisted the club as both an employee and more recently a volunteer on the board. It is my intention for you to receive more communication from the board, in order to keep you updated with the governance aspects of the club. We would like Adam and Amy to continue to advise you of any club management or development information as they remain your first port of contact.

At the recent AGM, the following people were elected and/or remain to make up your 2021 Waimak United Football Club Board.

Brodie McDonald 

Sabrina Ilett

Greg Coleman

Michelle Williams

David Price

Simon Gutsell 

Glenn Fountain

Kurt Brandso remains as a co-opted member of our board to assist us with ongoing projects. Jo Mills runs our finance committee to assist us which we are very grateful for.

Once our first board meeting has occurred, we will be able to clarify the roles within the board. Our meeting minutes are always available to read online through our website.

I would like to take this opportunity, as we did at the AGM, to thank those recent board members who have stepped down. Marcus Deedman, Owen Hallmark and Andrew Saunders made a fantastic start in organising historic debt to be repaid to Mainland Football. We will continue the plans already in place to ensure this is completed at our earliest opportunity. They gave a lot of time and it is very much appreciated. 

I would also like to thank on behalf of the club the coaches, managers and volunteers that helped to run and develop a team last year. We are a community-based club and rely on your amazing support in order to offer our programmes. We literally could not do it without you and remain grateful and hopeful for the coming season.

I am sure you all join me in thanking Amy and Adam for their consistent hard work in keeping Waimak United going in what was a very difficult year for all. Our finances, as for a lot of people, took a hit due to the decreased amount of grants we could apply for and fundraising we were not able to start. We are hoping for more financial opportunities this coming year and hope you can join/assist us in one of our many ideas we have coming up.

Adam, as our FDO has new initiatives and opportunities for all our members and for new members alike. He will be releasing all this information over the next few weeks. We have such exciting times ahead at Waimak United and with Adam spearheading our programs, we can safely say there is something for everyone. 

We have the new MainPower Stadium opening this year, (opposite Maria Andrews) which we have been working on obtaining office space to integrate and work alongside the other major sports of North Canterbury such as Basketball, Netball, Hockey and Cricket. There are excellent opportunities available for our members which Adam will be able to release to you in due course.

Our 2021 season registrations are now open. The board advised a new fee structure at the AGM which sees an increase across the grades. The increase is in-line with the increase in Mainland Federation fees. We have offered an early bird discount on your registrations if paid in full or payments with Genoapay are confirmed prior to 31st March.  Amy our General Manager will be sending links and information very soon.

In our next communication we hope to have finalised details on our proposed plans at Maria Andrews, which we are in discussions with the Waimak District Council. Also, more exciting details of the new stadium that the club will be part of.

We look forward to working with you all again this season.

Please continue to contact Amy or Adam should you have any management queries and any governance queries please feel free to contact myself or any of the board members.

Kind Regards

Sabrina Ilett

Vice Chair